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Collaborate on legal and compliance matters at the speed of light.

Streamline collaboration, simplify workflows, and receive valuable insights from your legal and compliance matters. Works from anywhere and at any scale.

What is Workflows?

All-in-one productivity platform for legal and compliance.

Manage matters, assign tasks, keep all stakeholders in the loop, and easily build workflows in your legal department. Connect all your data sources in one place without coding.

Work better

Everything you need for your legal department

Legal departments face an ever-increasing stream of requirements and regulations in today's world. Within that pressure is an opportunity for change. Use Workflows to seize it.

Effortless Collaboration

Forget about infinite email conversations with your coworkers: Discuss matters right in the tool, share files, assign tasks, and track real-time changes.

Powerful Automation

Workflows goes beyond simple questionnaires and enables true automation across a matter lifecycle. Get insights from your users and data to improve your workflows continuously.

Outstanding User Experience

Provide an easy-to-use user interface for your business user that answers all their legal and compliance questions.

Customizable Integrations

Push and pull data from other systems and create a single entry point for your company.

Insightful Reporting

Easily create reports with your KPIs and make data-informed decisions.

Resilient Security

Use fine-grained access control to manage what users can see and do and share sensitive files with your coworkers without worrying.

Built to scale

Workflows is designed to support a wide range of legal and compliance use cases.


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Data Privacy Incidents

Legal Matter Management

Legal Business Partnering

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What makes Workflows so unique?

The unique combination of an extensible, open platform and delightful user experience is unmatched on the market.

Centralized Platform

Workflows provides a unified interface to your legal and compliance content while integrating with external systems behind the scenes.


Workflows is an extensible platform that can be modified by non-technical users and developers alike.

Predictable Pricing

Our pricing is based on expert users with a generous amount of contributors. This gives legal departments the freedom to invite all business users.

Open Source

We are in the process of publishing the platform under an open license. This allows everyone to audit the software thoroughly and invites contributions.

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